Sala rossa
Sala rossa

GREEN ROOM: the land division.

In this room there are several explanatory panles dedicated to the Roman land division, both in terms of the wider issues (what are the cardini and the decumani, what is meant by the term "land division", the Roman roads), and in terms of the traces that these ancient agricultural land divisions have left on the land (the land divisions in the Mediterranean, those around Padua (Patavium) and, in particular, the area of Borgoricco). There is an explanation of the different units of measurement that the Romans had and the tools that Roman surveyors used are analyzed and there are some reconstructions. The most important tool for the land division was the Groma.

There is also a showcase with some funeral materials: articles from the tomb of a woman, a small memorial stone with an inscribed dedication, a lamp and a glass perfume bottle which has been melted by the heat of the funeral pyre.

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